Oil Category

We operate in marketing, sales and trade of vegetable oil and margarine, which are important raw materials for industrial food. We contribute to our customers’ productivity, quality and profitability with products that we sell. Southeastern Asia is the homeland of coconut. Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Vietnam are the countries that grows coconut. The fruits are harvested in different times according to their usage:
    For coconut juice, the fruits are harvested when they are six months old.
    If it is for oil, harvested when they are 10-12 months old.
    Harvest can be made 2 times in a year. November – January (Main harvest) and May-July. (intermediate harvest)
    Mature coconuts are harvested then their shells cut by knives, dried in ovens or sun. After drying, they are classified by their cutting process and packed.
    Mostly coconut is used in food, health, and cosmetics. Arti Industrial Food serves its customers by providing coconut oil and dried coconut products.

Types of Products

  • Biscuit, Cake And Cracker Oils
  • Chocolate And Coating Oils
    • HPKO (Hydrojenied Palm Kernel Oil)
    • CBS (Cocoa Butter Substitute)
    • CBR (Cocoa Butter Replacer)
    • CBE (Cocoa Butter Equivalent)
  • Filling Butter
  • Ice Cream Butter
  • Spreadable Cream Butter
  • Coconut Oil
  • Cotton Oil